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Baoding Guokun Machinery Co., Ltd and Baoding Guokun Export and Import Trading Co., Ltd are located in Baoding city, Hebei province, China. Our sand casting factory occupies a total area of 30,000 square meters, which have casting foundry workshop, grinding, sandblasting and precision machining shop, laboratory and warehouse. Baoding Guokun has equipped with 4 sets medium-frequency electric furnaces, 15 sets automatic shell core machinery, automatic sand casting molding line, 7 sets CNC machinery, 20 sets CNC Lathe, and the complete quality inspection devices for mechanical testing and chemical analysis, including tensile strength, hardness tester, metallographic inspection, spectrometer, ultrasonic testing and special testing devices. Before shipping, the quality reports for all inspection will be issued and mailed to our customers.

Our main products are cast iron components, cast steel parts by using shell mold casting, green sand casting, resin sand casting and precision machining process.

The main cast iron, gray iron, ductile iron we can produced are HT150, HT200, HT250, HT300, QT400, QT450, QT500, QT600, QT700, QT800. The customized casting parts are mainly served for automotive, mining, marine, pump, valve, agriculture, truck, tillage, door fittings, pipe fittings, etc

Our sand casting foundry has some sister-companies, investment casting factory, precision machining shop and surface finish treatment, mainly manufacturing investment casting, lost wax casting, silica sol casting, water glass casting method for steel casting, carbon steel casting, stainless steel casting, special steel casting, alloy steel casting, wear resistant steel castings, etc.

Baoding Guokun is based on excellent product quality, competitive prices, reliable reputation and customer satisfaction service.

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