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Automatic Sand Casting Molding Line

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Baoding Guokun can produce large quantity gray iron and dcutile iron casting, small and medium casting parts with competitive prices and uniform quality with the assistance of the automatic sand casting molding line.

The green sand automatic molding production line can speed up the gray iron and ductile iron casting production rate and keep better uniform casting quality. The molding line is suitable for customized small and medium casting components, for pipe fittings, groove, flange, adaptor, mining, agriculture, medical machinery, track, tractor, tillage, pump & valve, oil & gas, electric power fittings.

But the automatic sand casting molding line require the size of castings, with the suitable weights are from 1kg to 30 kgs and the annual demand. This molding line was feed by two 1 ton medium frequency induction eletric furnace.


We mainly use this automatic molding line to produce grey iron and ductile iron castings, which has the fine casting accuracy, fine casting surface finish and uniform casting quality.

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