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Shell Core Equipment

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Baoding Guokun is the professional China shell mold casting factory who mainly produce cast iron, cast steel components. We have 15 sets automatic shell core machinery, which can help us to produce 300 tons casting parts per month. Please check the following photos showing our shell mold equipment.

Advantages of Shell Core Machine

1. High production efficiency: The working process of the shell-core machine is completed simultaneously by sand injection and compaction, and it is immediately preheated and hardened in the core box. A cycle of only ten seconds can produce sand cores for casting.
2. The mould frame automatically flips 180 degrees to empty the remaining sand to form shell core. This process can save 40% of the coated sand.
3. Sand core quality is good: it can shoot any complex degree of sand core, and the size is accurate, the surface is smooth, thus reducing the amount of casting processing.
4. Many auxiliary equipment and tools for core-making can be saved, such as core oven, dryer, core bone, wax thread, etc.
5. Reduce labor intensity, operate flexibly and easily, use electric heating, temperature can be automatically controlled, work site is easy to keep clean, and create conditions for mechanization and automation of core-making process.


So if you have any new inquiry of shell mold casting components, resin sand casting parts, cast iron components, cast steel parts, please do not hesitate to send your inquiry to or We will offer you the best prices accordingly and quickly.


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