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Why use cast iron to produce lathe parts?

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Why use cast iron to produce lathe parts?
1. Cast Iron material is competitive than cast steel.
2. Cast iron is with exceptional damping capacity.
Cast iron, specific grey cast iron is used for custom lathe components because of having exptional damping capacity-reative ability of a material to absord vibration.
The damping capacity can help the cast iron lathe bed, lathe support or base stable to assure the lathe machining dimensional accuracy.
3.Cast iron is commonly used for machinery housings or bases due to the stable structure of the material. It is also known for holding its shape when it is subjected to contraction and expansion due to temperature fluctuations.
4.Cast iron consists of Graphite flakes that have sharp edges which act as stress raisers in tension. This shape makes cast iron low in tensile strength and ductility, but it still has high compressive strength. 
5. The morphology of graphite as a flake in grey cast iron enables to absorb both compressive and vibrational loads without initiating a crack. In general, vibration can be critical in machinery and can cause an unsatisfactory operation or even failure.

Baoding Guokun has equipped with various testing machinery, such as Spectrograph for Chemical compostion, Universal tester, Impact testing machine and hardness tester for Mechanical properties, all dimension testing equipment. Before shipping, we will issue all quality reports.

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