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Modeling Machine

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Modeling Machine
1.Casting equipment for making sand moulds. 
Its main functions are filling sand, filling loose sand into the sand box; compacting sand, compacting sand, compacting loose sand in the sand box through different methods such as compaction, compaction, shock compression, injection pressure, so that the sand mould has the necessary strength in the process of handling and pouring; lifting the mould, using different mechanisms to take the sample out of the compacted sand mould. The moulding machine first appeared in the mid-19th century. In the early stage, the moulding machine was a simple mechanism for manual compaction to take up moulds. Later, compressed air was used as the driving force for shaking and compacting moulding sand. The shock moulding machine appeared in 1890, which improved the moulding efficiency and the precision of sand moulds. According to the different methods of compacting moulding sand, moulding machine can be divided into three types, vibro-compacting type, vibro-compacting type and compacting type.

2. The compact sand moulds can be obtained by compacting the compacted sand moulds with the shock moulding machine. The commonly used is the micro-vibration compacting moulding machine (see figure), which uses the falling table to collide with floating vibrating iron, and then compacts the moulding sand by micro-vibration compacting. Micro-shock is a kind of vibration with high frequency (500-1000 times per minute) and small amplitude (5-25mm) instead of low frequency (60-120 times per minute) and large amplitude. The sand moulds produced by this moulding machine are of good quality and have low requirements for foundation.

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