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Timing Pulley

Baoding Guokun is China sand casting factory and precision machining shop, which can produce and export various timing pulley, timing belt pulley, aluminum timing belt pulley, steel timing pulley, arc tooth aluminum timing pulley, printer aluminum timing pulley, 3D printer timing pulley, printer timing belt pulley, T10 aluminum timing pulley, MXL timing belt pulley, OEM timing pulley, standard timing pulley, custom timing belt pulley and so on.

Most of our timing pulleys are exported to USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Japan, etc

Timing pulley information:

  1. Part Name: Timing pulley
  2. Material: Aluminum alloy 6061, carbon steel C45 or customized material
  3. Standard: DIN, AMS, custom drawings for special dimensions
  4. Usage: power transmission
  5. Tooth type: T2.5, T5, T10, T20, MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, XXL, SL9, SL12, SL, HTD3M, HTD5M, HTD8M, HTD14M, HTD20M, Gt2, Gt3, Gt5, S2M, P3M, P5M, P8M, G2M, G3M timing pulley, timing belt pulley
  6. Surface treatment: anodize, black oxide, phosphate and Galvanization, etc

Our other products:

custom casting parts, sand casting parts, investment casting components, die casting parts, precision machining parts, centrifugal casting, etc

If you need timing pulley, timing belt pulley, please contat or call us 86-15168139710.


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