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Precoated Sand Casting


Precoated sand casting

Precoated sand casting process is close to investment casting, suitable for small and medium metal casting parts, iron casting, steel casting, aluminum casting. Compared with other two sand casting methods, green sand molding process and resin sand molding process, the precoated sand castng is the most precision casting process with more casting accuracy and better surface finish.

Metal casting material:

Gray iron precoated sand casting, such as ASTM A48/A48M, ASTM A159, BS EN 1561, DIN 1691, HT250, HT300, HT200, HT150, etc

Ductile iron precoated sand casting, such as ASTM A536, BS EN 1563, GB/T 1348-1988, etc

Carbon steel precoated sand casting, such as ASTM A29/A29M, 1030, 1045, 1050, etc

Alloy steel precoated sand casting, such as 4140, 4340, 8140, 8630, etc

Aluminum steel sand casting, A356, A360, etc

The precoated sand casting parts we produced are usually for mining, oil & gas industry, electrical casting, power parts, marine components, valve casting, pump casting, agricultural casting, etc

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